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  » Plastic Injection

Vertical Injection Molding Machines: We produce high quality products at optimum prices and with reliable working schedules with our six Multi-plas vertical injection molding machines with 35-85 tons of closing force.


Horizontal Injection Molding Machines: At our machine park, there are horizontal injection molding machines with closing forces between 50-150 tons. We have two Krauss Maffei  (125 tons with Nitrogen), one JonWai (150 tons) and one Multi-Plas (50 tons).


Ultrasonic Method for Plastic Parts`s Welding: The welding process is generally used for metal materials, however, because of the increase on the utilization ratio of thermoplastic materials, welding becomes a major need. Ultrasonic welding is a qualified technology which does not require any additional material. We weld the thermoplastic pieces that we produce with our injection machines accurately with our three Ultrasonic welding machine. The machines have capacities of 2200 and 2400watt.


Hot Foil (hot/gilt foil stamping): We are able to stamp on plastic pieces which are up to 90 mm* 120 mm sizes.  We have four semi-automatic machies, one machine with turntable and two manual machines.


Pad Printing Machines: Our machines offer you the most efficient inks, patterns and a perfect quality of visuals and aesthetics.