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Focussing on the requirements and needs of our customers, our design department decides on the concept and works on the design in consultation with our clients.


Pre-mould design is an initial drawing that gives us information on physical dimensions, plastic injection information and mould core systems, if there are any. Naturally, our main priorities are brand identity and customer satisfication, therefore we walk collaboratively with our clients. When all decisions about technical properties are finalised, we immediately order  the materials that we need for the mould such as steel, fasteners, hot runner system,etc. All of the mould components are prepared with 3D solid models and 2D technical drawings.


Our company uses Art-Cam, Solid Works and WorkNC as software programs, which are the best when mold business is concerned. These programs can read and convert formats such IGS, Parasolid (XT), SAT, VDA, STEP, DWG, DXF, STL PRT, MOD, EXP, CATPart, CATProduct.